Coming Soon March 6 2017!



Your Daughter Needs a Hero, Helping Her Through Insecurity and Body Image 
is a journey into the mind of teenage girls from the perspective of the author’s own teen journey through insecurity.  Personal stories coupled with years of working with teen girls in ministry Your Daughter Needs a Hero talks about what makes them tick.  What tempts them?  What tugs on their heart strings?  More importantly, what can parents do to make a difference in their lives?  It is no easy feat, but parents can start by tackling some of their own demoralizing behaviors.  Diets, pornography, and sex soaked media have infiltrated the lives of the parents and most of the time they do not even realize the impact it has on their daughters.

Teen girls watch, learn, and emulate the behaviors they see in their home.  What legacy do parents want them inheriting?  One of addiction, lack of self-control, and low body image?  Or one of victory, hope, and peace with the body God hand picked them to have and the personality God specifically chose for them.  Our daughters need rescuing and our parents need educating.  Many times they simply do not know or understand the beast they are up against.  Your Daughter Needs a Hero  is an opportunity for parents to dig their heels in deep and learn how to help their daughter wade through the mucky waters of an insecure youth.

Your Daughter Needs a Hero is now available for purchase here at Amazon

12 thoughts on “Books

  1. Can’t wait to read it. So much wisdom between two covers. May God use it for His glory and to touch the lives of all those beautiful girls looking for true worth.

    1. Maria, you are a prophet, I love you so. I feel for you, and feel your pain. I cannot wait to see all the wisdom and faith, that you have gone through. May our Lord, help you and lead you through this journey. Love you.

    2. This is such a needed area in ministry! Thanks for being obedient to Gods call. I pray many lives will be touched and the healing power of God will transform lives. Ashes to beauty. Looking forward to a great read!

  2. It’s truly amazing to see how God is working in you and through you. I can’t wait to see how He uses this book to bless teenage girls.

  3. Maria, my God bless you through this adventure. I’m so happy & proud of you! I look forward to reading it in January. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maria, you are such an inspiration to the young and old of today. May God continue to bless you with his heartfelt love so you may touch the lives of many young girls and their moms. Looking forward to reading the book. Love you very much and May God Bless You…

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