What are You Fixated On?

Driving off of a bridge into water with my kids in the car. Intruders coming into my house at night to hurt us. Miscarriages. Spinal taps. Tsunamis (this is due to recurring tsunami nightmares I have) Sharks, definitely getting eaten by one. Cancer. Jesus coming back again (just being honest, the idea of the end of [...]

Doubting Decisions

I quit my job and I love it.  I have never felt such peace in my entire life.  But since I have stopped working people keep asking me the same question: "Are you writing another book then?"  A sane, calm, rational person says, "Thanks for asking, but no.  I am taking some time off with [...]

UnFilling the Cracks

I've always thought that slowing down just wasn't my thing.  I threw it on the list of things I can't do like I can't ride a moped, I can't shoot a free throw shot, I can't do the worm, and I can't slow down my pace of life.  I was fine with it too.  Accepted it.  Just [...]