I Have To Go Back!

I Have To Go Back!

Always looking one step ahead.  Its both a blessing and a curse, you know, one of those things that in my best moments creates great work and in the worst moments makes my focus in the wrong places. I can remember as far back as age 9 always...wanting...to...be...one...more...step...ahead.  "When I'm 10, then I will fully [...]

Two More Days…

Sometimes I get paranoid in my peace.  I go off on some deep pyschobabble in my brain and decide that I am just living in denial.  The mental temptation to minimalize what I know God has done and replace it with what "Google" tells me and what "they" tell me.  Its like, "Wait, did that really happen? [...]

Giving Up Control

It was an easy question to answer.  "What are some things we want to have control over?" Our Kids Our Home Our Schedule Our Spouses Our Reputation Our Health Our Finances Our Future Our Days Did I mention kids? Did I mention Spouses? Did I mention health?  You get the idea... I guess the question [...]

What are You Fixated On?

Driving off of a bridge into water with my kids in the car. Intruders coming into my house at night to hurt us. Miscarriages. Spinal taps. Tsunamis (this is due to recurring tsunami nightmares I have) Sharks, definitely getting eaten by one. Cancer. Jesus coming back again (just being honest, the idea of the end of [...]