GO! Just go.

GO!  Just go.

As I sit here and write my house is full, but it is eerily silent.  All five of the other members of my family are currently sick napping.   You know the kind.  Feverish, nauseous, headache that Motrin only mildly touches, and so your body does the only thing it can do.  It rests. We [...]

Grumpy Joy

Grumpy Joy

Ever have a grumpy day? No? Me neither. Ha, if only that were true right? What's worse is when you see another grumpy person and you are all like, "Sheesh, what is wrong with them?  Like they have anything to be grumpy about.  Where do they get off being sad/mad/tired/grumpy/stressed?"  (insert judgmental face). Fast forward [...]

Hello world!

Here I am!  Pumped up and ready to go with the message God has laid so heavily on my heart.  Whether it be through authoring a book, meeting with teens, families, and moms, or entering in my daily thoughts onto these pages my prayer is that I can come alongside you and help you to [...]