Another Ultrasound Monday

It, quite literally, feels like ground hog day around here.  I find myself eerily living through life exactly the way I did last year.  Pregnant, over Thanksgiving, and waiting for a confirming ultrasound.  Honestly all of it has me spinning circles. First off, I cannot stop thinking of Gideon.  Every utterance of a thought or [...]

Give A Listen

Permission to be blunt?  I believe that there is power unseen.  I believe that God visits us in ways that cannot be touched or explained.  I believe that He comes boldly and loudly to anyone who is willing to listen.  I believe that He offers encouragement, comfort, joy, peace, and strength by the supernatural presence [...]

The Bittersweet Closeness

Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted..." Over these past couple of weeks grief began to trickle out in my oldest two children.  Faith at 6 years old and David at 4 years old have been handling our loss in deep and mature ways.  Gideon is a household name for us.  We talk about him, [...]

UnFilling the Cracks

I've always thought that slowing down just wasn't my thing.  I threw it on the list of things I can't do like I can't ride a moped, I can't shoot a free throw shot, I can't do the worm, and I can't slow down my pace of life.  I was fine with it too.  Accepted it.  Just [...]