The Good, The Hard, and the “Date”

Everyday seems to be a series of mixed emotion.  Joyful, yet sorrowful.  Unknowing, yet peaceful.  Trusting, yet vulnerable.  Understanding, yet so so confused.  This emotional cocktail upped the ante this week as we finally booked a date for our c-section. The date is set for Monday, March 31st. A flood of thoughts, feelings, and prayers [...]

Little Miracles

Moments like these remind me how highly God thinks of me.  The grind of life gets so hard that I lose sight of how much I am loved.  Craziness, stresses, messes, and losses of time keep me constantly forgetful of how blessed I truly am. These past weeks have been hard ones.  I don't handle [...]

The Freak Out

It happened today. I walked out to my mailbox, opened it up, and there it was.  I calmly opened the package, took out the first proof of the book, and walked it slowly upstairs to my husband. "How exciting!" you might say.  Or maybe excitedly ask, "How does it feel to finally hold your book [...]