Stomach Flus and Head Lice

Two words: Stomach Flu Two more words: Head Lice These four words in tandem should never be even remotely a possibility.  These four words put together should never be contained in the same calendar week.  Maybe maybe in the same decade.  Possibly  in the same year.  But never ever ever in the same week.  There should be some universal [...]

I Have To Go Back!

I Have To Go Back!

Always looking one step ahead.  Its both a blessing and a curse, you know, one of those things that in my best moments creates great work and in the worst moments makes my focus in the wrong places. I can remember as far back as age 9  "When I'm 10, then I will fully [...]

Always Inconvenient

"God's call is always inconvenient."  Christine Caine's words repeated over and over again in my head.  Always?  Is it really always inconvenient?  I think I came to a conclusion on that question. At first I went drastically through my memories, thinking of all the major God moments in our lives and through all the times I specifically [...]

A Brief Intermission

I am taking a week off to take a semi impromptu trip to Disney with my favorite kids on earth.  A brief intermission from all things regular life to spend time giggling, romping around, and eating way over priced average tasting food.  But the memories are all worth it.  Thank you to Daddy for working [...]

The Good, The Hard, and the “Date”

Everyday seems to be a series of mixed emotion.  Joyful, yet sorrowful.  Unknowing, yet peaceful.  Trusting, yet vulnerable.  Understanding, yet so so confused.  This emotional cocktail upped the ante this week as we finally booked a date for our c-section. The date is set for Monday, March 31st. A flood of thoughts, feelings, and prayers [...]