Trust Without Borders

As I stood there in the audience, feelings of both sadness and joy ran through me as I sang the words to the very song that immediately brings me back to... the diagnosis the struggle the pain the fear the baby feet kicks the wrestling to finally trust God fully in the season of suffering [...]

Tomorrow Can Be Scary

I am going to be honest, thinking about tomorrow really freaks me out.  Before Gideon I naively thought that tomorrow would always be wonderful, full of everything good and easy all the time.  Now I am constantly tempted to look at the future always in fear.  Grimly thinking that tomorrow will be full of more loss, more [...]

A Gideon Reminder

There are a few things that get us through these days.  One of them is knowing that God came through for us before and we are confident He won't stop now.  Through the diagnosis, the choices, the pain, the joy, the hello, and the goodbye...through it all God gave us exactly what we needed and when we [...]