A Cureall to the Blues

For some reason I have been whiny lately.  I apologize if you have had to listen to me in any way shape or form.  Its easy to get down, tired, overwhelmed, stressed...tired (did I say tired?).  But its always something isn't it?  Always something. I've noticed that for some reason when someone asks me "how was your [...]

UnFilling the Cracks

I've always thought that slowing down just wasn't my thing.  I threw it on the list of things I can't do like I can't ride a moped, I can't shoot a free throw shot, I can't do the worm, and I can't slow down my pace of life.  I was fine with it too.  Accepted it.  Just [...]

Living In Fear

So I cut my hair, quit my job...I'm turning over a new leaf.   This also means a new season for my writing.  Up until now I have tried to decide on "topics."  You know, covering this that and the other thing.  But now, I am putting pen to paper with the uncut version of me. [...]