Two More Days…

Sometimes I get paranoid in my peace.  I go off on some deep pyschobabble in my brain and decide that I am just living in denial.  The mental temptation to minimalize what I know God has done and replace it with what "Google" tells me and what "they" tell me.  Its like, "Wait, did that really happen? [...]

What’s In a Name?

"Mommy, are you actually even able to have girls?" says my daughter that yes I actually did carry and bear after she found out we were having another boy.  This time around was different though. Last year, I remember feeling actual sadness and fear at the thought of having another boy and letting my daughter's dreams of [...]

Test Results

I wish I could tell you I passed these days with stellar strength and poise.  That even in the middle of my fearful thoughts I stood up underneath and smashed them to the ground with unwavering faith.  I wish I could say all of that, but it wouldn't be true. I went down last week [...]