A Name for 2014

I love this little boy so much already.  I think its partly because I know my time with him is short so I spend time thinking about him, praying for him and loving him even more so than I usually do during pregnancy.  Another woman who carried a Potter's Syndrome baby called it "Packing a [...]

UnFilling the Cracks

I've always thought that slowing down just wasn't my thing.  I threw it on the list of things I can't do like I can't ride a moped, I can't shoot a free throw shot, I can't do the worm, and I can't slow down my pace of life.  I was fine with it too.  Accepted it.  Just [...]

Living In Fear

So I cut my hair, quit my job...I'm turning over a new leaf.   This also means a new season for my writing.  Up until now I have tried to decide on "topics."  You know, covering this that and the other thing.  But now, I am putting pen to paper with the uncut version of me. [...]

PEACE in 2013

The peace of a three year old.  You gotta love it...   Does it matter that it is 3 in the afternoon?  Nope.  Does it matter that he was right in the middle of eating?  Nope.  Does it even matter that this, late in the day, nap is going to completely throw away any sense [...]