Fear of the Unknown

It's tempting isn't it?  To give in to fear on a daily basis?  Minute to minute even.  To live in the turmoil and stress of dwelling on the fear of the unknowns in life. For me, fear has transformed through the years.  I forgot to include something in my "Dear Me" post a couple months ago. [...]

What is YOUR adventure?

My good friend Karrie has spent her month of October talking about adventure.  She should talk about it...she is the most adventurous person I know.  In all her sky-diving, hang gliding, roller coastering glory she is all adventure.  All the things I never thought I could be (or was scared to be).  So you have to imagine [...]

Dear Me,

Dear Me (you know...the teenage version of me), There are so so many things I want to tell you.  First of all, (especially in that flannel shirt) you are beautiful just the way you are.  Innocent too.  I wish you would hold on tight to that, as tight as you can.  Being a kid is [...]