The Burden of Worry

If I am not in the active process of worrying I feel like something is missing.  I start looking around as if searching for misplaced keys "Where did it go? I was worrying about something what was it again?" When did this happen? Sometimes I feel like I was born with it, this inscessant need [...]

Lifted Up

The trust.  The freedom.  The sheer exhilaration by being lifted up by our father and what a joy it is for our father to be able to lift us up.  Sometimes He picks us up towards the sky, saves us from the crashing waves, and carefully brings us down into his loving arms.  Other times we have fallen. [...]

A Beautiful Disaster

Sometimes I cannot help but acknowledge how good God is that sometimes, just when I need it the most, He plops something on my lap.  A small reminder just to tell me he loves me. Today a new song came into my life, Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin.  It is about me.  It is about [...]

Hello world!

Here I am!  Pumped up and ready to go with the message God has laid so heavily on my heart.  Whether it be through authoring a book, meeting with teens, families, and moms, or entering in my daily thoughts onto these pages my prayer is that I can come alongside you and help you to [...]