Gideon Matthew

This is the story of a little baby boy who changed all things in my family, in my heart, and in my life.  Here is the story of Gideon Matthew.  It is a story that forever changed his Mommy, Daddy, sister Faith, brother David, brother Aaron, and so many more family and friends.

Here are the Gideon Posts in chronological order:

Going to the Places in Life you Never Wanted to Be

Counsel for the Soul

Wrestling with God

In the Nick of Time

“Such a Short Time, Such a Long Road”

When Answers Still Don’t Come

The Good, The Hard, and The Date

Thoughts From Gideon’s Daddy

Truth is, Yes I am Afraid

I Never Want to Forget

Service Details and The Closing of a Chapter

Gideon Matthew Furlough

March 31st, A Magical Day

A Mommy’s Eulogy