Strength and Dignity

Strength and Dignity

I keep on telling myself, "It's your story.  If you don't tell it, who will?" Or, even better, "It's God's Gideon story.  If you don't tell it, who will?" The self talk goes on, "You can do this!  Because God can do it, you can do it with Him!  Just be strong and confident." Strong and confident.  Strong [...]

The Insatiable Quest for Beauty AND a Giveaway!

Its amazing how often we believe that we are alone in our struggles.  Too often.  Especially when it comes to the way we view ourselves.  We spend so much time in our own brains, thinking how wonderful they are and how flawed we are.  Its so awesome when people come into our lives that remind are not [...]

Living In Fear

So I cut my hair, quit my job...I'm turning over a new leaf.   This also means a new season for my writing.  Up until now I have tried to decide on "topics."  You know, covering this that and the other thing.  But now, I am putting pen to paper with the uncut version of me. [...]