A Brief Intermission

I am taking a week off to take a semi impromptu trip to Disney with my favorite kids on earth.  A brief intermission from all things regular life to spend time giggling, romping around, and eating way over priced average tasting food.  But the memories are all worth it.  Thank you to Daddy for working [...]

What’s In a Name?

"Mommy, are you actually even able to have girls?" says my daughter that yes I actually did carry and bear after she found out we were having another boy.  This time around was different though. Last year, I remember feeling actual sadness and fear at the thought of having another boy and letting my daughter's dreams of [...]

Test Results

I wish I could tell you I passed these days with stellar strength and poise.  That even in the middle of my fearful thoughts I stood up underneath and smashed them to the ground with unwavering faith.  I wish I could say all of that, but it wouldn't be true. I went down last week [...]

Another Ultrasound Monday

It, quite literally, feels like ground hog day around here.  I find myself eerily living through life exactly the way I did last year.  Pregnant, over Thanksgiving, and waiting for a confirming ultrasound.  Honestly all of it has me spinning circles. First off, I cannot stop thinking of Gideon.  Every utterance of a thought or [...]