Peaceful Freedom

Peaceful Freedom

Have you ever had something roll over in your mind for so long, detail by detail, that you just wish you could take a vacation from your own brain? Like you feel like you need to run away, but you can't, because the problem is actually you? Its as if thought by thought the lies [...]

A Bahamas Explanation

Let’s just get this out of the way right from the start, yes Bahamas is where many lucky people get to vacation.  Yes, yes it is absolutely beautiful and yes Atlantis is there and is really pretty awesome.  Yes to all. People live there too.  Some are Bahamian born and raised and others have come [...]

Honest Confession

We can be honest here right?  A safe place, real issues shared, and God’s truth to reign faithful.  That is always my prayer for this space.  So here it goes. This week Dave and I travelled to the Bahamas.  In a faithful step to learn what God might have for our future involvement in missions [...]