SO Many Things (And A Never Before Seen Video)

This is where it all started.  Four years ago, almost to the date, I poured out my heart here.  I shared with you the pain of finding out Gideon was not long for this world, and you welcomed me into your lives.  Week by week we walked together.

It soothed my soul to share with you.  I felt God’s presence tangibly every time we spoke, I knew I was not alone.  Through it all my prayer remained this, “May others see through Gideon’s life the power of the God whom we know.”

It was through your encouragement and gently prodding that I kept writing.  It was through that writing that led me to write and teach a Bible study for a group of women.  It was through that Bible study that, on a whim and a prayer, I sought publication.  Now, its time.  My book baby is about to be born.

With you, here, its a deeply personal thing.  I am grateful I can share that here.  My prayer is that God will use this book in infinitely more ways than my mind can even fathom.  But here?  Sitting my living room, looking at the pictures of my sweet baby boy, I know full well that it all started with him.

God used Gideon to make things new in me.  To make me free and strong, and finally peaceful.  My deepest prayer now, that God might do the same through others as they read my book.

So it is with deepest gratitude that I share with you here first all the details of my upcoming book release.  If you would be willing to share these details with loved ones and friends I would be grateful.  But above all else, may God’s might work be done!

First of all, pre-orders are available now and come with some awesome free goodies!  The goodies are for pre-orders only so snatch them up!   You get a 14-day Peace Devotional that I wrote so you have something to dig through while you are waiting for your book to arrive.  Also, as a fear freeing tip in the book I talk about making a “Peace Jar” that whenever a fearful thought pops in your mind, instead of stewing on it, you grab a slip from the jar and focus in on that instead.  Revell designed a Peace Jar sheet you can download with all pre-orders!  You can find out all the fun details here:


Next Up, the Book Launch Team Application is now open!  A Book Launch Team is a group of us that assemble in order to share news about Breaking the Fear Cycle and, hopefully, how much God is using its message to minister to others.  1oo applicants will be chosen to receive a free advance copy of the book!  We will have a private Facebook group where I will share weekly discussion topics on fear as well as share one way each week that we can spread book news.  You can apply for the book launch team here:


Last but not least, and this one is just for you.  A full length, Gideon featured Book Trailer.  Since you have been a part of this journey with me from the start, I thought it only right that I share a special version of the story with you.  The version that includes a very special video clip of Gideon that I have never shared before.  In fact, its the only 10 seconds I have of him that you can really see him.  Here is my friends, thank you thank you for walking this road with me.  May you receive encouragement from knowing that God has used you many times along the way to keep me afloat.


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