Grumpy Joy

Ever have a grumpy day?


Me neither.

Ha, if only that were true right?

What’s worse is when you see another grumpy person and you are all like, “Sheesh, what is wrong with them?  Like they have anything to be grumpy about.  Where do they get off being sad/mad/tired/grumpy/stressed?”  (insert judgmental face).

Fast forward two days later and your kids or your spouse is now grumpy.  Well now, there is no room for their grumpiness in this house and “don’t treat your brother like that,” or “I know you had a rough day at work, but stop making the rest of us miserable” blah blah blah.  I am sure you know the drill.

Isn’t other people’s grumpy so inconvenient?

Funny thing is, I have the most patience for my daughter’s grumpiness.  Why?

Well, because her grumpy looks just like mine did/does (but who’s counting).  I want to give her the grace for her grumpy that I wish people had for mine.  An acknowledgement that emotions are real and unpredictable sometimes and an understanding that sometimes we don’t always have explanation for the way that we feel.  Sometimes grumpiness just is.  

Question I keep asking myself, is it bad to be grumpy?  Down?  Dissatisfied?  Unsure?  Stressed out?  Angry?  Is it something that God is challenging me to change or is it something I am called to accept?

Turns out there is a helpful verse in the matter that really challenged me this week.

 “A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.” Proverbs 29:11

Holds them back.  As a outspoken, opinionated Italian this speaks wisdom into me that I I would be wise to accept.

Often times I get stuck on feeling guilty for the grumpiness and/or dissatisfaction that rises up inside of me.  “What is the deal?  Just get over it!”  Life is hard enough and I get frustrated when my brain makes it harder.

Well, sometimes I can’t just get over it.  God wired me this way and certain things are always going to bring me down, frustrate me, or stress me out.  For better or for worse that’s me.   The choice that I have is what I do with these feelings.

I think I need to start giving myself the freedom to feel what I feel and the self-control to not always act out on it.  Being wise to submit them to God, keep my mouth shut (most of the time), and let them run its course.

I was grumpy on Memorial Day.  A no reason, wallowing in my own head, wah wah grumpy.  Just sit me in bed and throw on a chick flick but I can’t because its “family fun time” type of grumpy.

It helped me to visually view joy.  I wasn’t feeling joyful, but I sought it out anyway.  It didn’t heal the grumpy, but it sure did put it in perspective.

These are my joy pictures for the weekend.  I stewed on them over and over again, visual reminders that my feelings are not the end all be all.   For there is great joy to be found in each and every day.  Aaron graduated preschool, my boy has grown so much.
IMG_7335 (1)
What is more joyful than man and manchild tank tops?


FullSizeRender (1)
Yes, apparently a woman can still be grumpy with a smile on her face and a red and blue starred skirt on.  I’m just sayin.  But a water balloon fight in the rain was an almost full cure.  Dave’s face in the second pic is priceless, a perfect shot that hit David right in the back.  Then, of course Mommy had to have a family pick to end the day, where Dave conveniently saved one last balloon to pop over my head right as we were taking the picture.   Grumpy Joy all in one perfect picture.

I think that we can wrap the seasons of life up into a few types.  Seasons in the valley, where great tragedy and turmoil strikes our lives and we fight with whatever faith we have to keep our heads above water.  God meets us in the valley in huge ways, He helps us to endure.

Then there are seasons up on the mountain top, you look down to all God has done in your life and the gratefulness is so great that it overwhelms you.  You are as high as you will ever be in this life, a true taste of heaven come to earth.  You stand in awe.

Then there are the hiking seasons.  You are either hiking down on your way to a valley time that you don’t know is coming or you are hiking up the hill on the way to the mountaintop.  Often times we have no clue if we are hiking up or down but we put one faithful step in front of another and just keep walking.  It is in these times I believe we have to constantly remind ourselves of what we know to be true.

I pray, that no matter what season you are in, that you know you are not in it alone.  Not only do you have a powerful God that dwells with you, but you have fellow valley dwellers, fellow mountain toppers, or fellow hikers that are right alongside of you.  May we find peace in our company.





3 thoughts on “Grumpy Joy

  1. Good word, friend. Been feeling a bit grumpy myself and liking the thought of the hiking season. I can definitely relate to the valley and mountaintop seasons. Good to know that the hiking season is okay too.

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