Sometimes your heart and your time and your days and moments are so full that your brain turns mush for everything else.

This time is one of those times.  But as my kids always say, “we aren’t perfect Mommy!”  So to that I say, Amen!  Here’s to being okay with admitting that sometimes you just don’t have anything left in the tank.

Praying for you today, that you allow yourself the grace to not have perfection always be the goal and you let yourself rest on the days when you need it most.


Also, sometimes, your young spry brother comes into town and convinces you that bowling until 2:30 a.m. is a great idea because “darnit we are still young and you only live once!”  Then, because you are actually way old and have four sleeping children at home, it takes you 8.5 full days to recover from said lost sleep. 

BUT, when you have combined 6 kids under 8 running around sometimes grown up time is just needed.  Did I mention needed?

Also sometimes your daughter’s softball team has 5 games in 8 days.  Um. What?  Yup, that happened. 

 May you find your rest/2:30 a.m. playing time this week too!



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