March is Going to be a BIG Month

Over and over again I am in awe of all the complex ways in which Gideon has changed our lives.  Sobbing in the doctor’s office that day when we learned our baby son would not live, I don’t think in one million years I could have imagined all the good that could come from his life.  That an hour and half on this earth still equalled an eternity of impact.

March is a huge month for our family.  Even my four year Aaron asked the other day, “Mommy, when is Gideon’s birthday?”  “Its almost here sweetie, it’s almost here.”

Last year you were amazing, you all helped us honor our son and our family in huge ways by participating in our #GideonBlue Day!  I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to look back and scroll through these pictures.  You are amazing, and you ministered to our family in a huge way.

This year I excitedly hope that we can minister to other families too.  In honor of Gideon’s birthday I am inviting a guest writer to each week share the story of their loss, of their child.  My prayer is that I can bring many families along with me as we year after year acknowledge the importance of celebrating the life of our child.  No matter how short his little life was.

Each week I have scheduled a guest Mommy writer to share their story.  My prayer was to cover lots of different types of infant loss and I hope that you will share these posts with people in your life whom you know it might minister to.

Here is the schedule, mark your calendars!

March 1st Kittery Van Sciver will share about her journey of carrying and loving her baby boy Arthur with anencephaly.

March 8th Susan Richards will share about the unexpected loss of her full term baby girl Reagan.

March 15th Brittnie Blackburn will share about her son Chance, born still at 20 weeks pregnant.

March 22nd Lee McCracken will share about her baby boy Kyle, who passed away at 7 months old of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

March 29th Bre DeBeauvernet will share about losing her first child to miscarriage.

I have so many prayers for this month of March, will you join me in praying that:

-People will see, first hand, the joy that can be found in the suffering when you entrust your life, loves, and losses into the arms of Christ.

-People will take this opportunity to share these stories with others who might have had similar losses, that it would minister to them in their hurt.

-Together we would learn how to celebrate well our sweet babies lost, that their lives would be remembered and honored.

-Together, we would spur one another on towards healing and hope.

Can I have just one more ask?  

I loved getting to celebrate Gideon’s birthday with you.  LOVED it.  Can we do that again?  Only this time, please write on a piece of paper the name of a sweet baby child that you know is in Heaven.  It can be Gideon, it can be your baby lost, or the baby close to someone that you love.  Here are the details:

  1. Anytime between now and March 30tht take a picture of yourself holding the sign sharing the name of a baby that was loved and lost.  Feel free to hold up multiple signs.  Please email the picture to me, I will compile them and post them on March 31st.  Email to mariafurlough@gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Blog Picture.”

2. On Gideon’s birthday (March 31st), our family would love to see a picture of you                        wearing your Gideon Blue again, they mean the world to us, post the picture yourself            on Instagram and Facebook with #GideonBlue.

I would love for this upcoming month to be a month of sharing.  SHARE your stories in the comments section, we will together uplift and uphold one another in this life (ups and downs included).

Love you.  Thank you for walking this life with me.

Here is my mom.  Honoring my brother Matthew and her Grandson Gideon Matthew.  Even after all these years healing and grieving over Matthew is still an everyday journey.
design (5)
This is Anna.  This sweet friend of mine lost her baby James in June 2015.  It was unexpected, it was unbearable, and it was without explanation.  When Anna came to me we cried and talked, she could hardly say his name.  Now over time and prayer, God has led her to create a little “James” table in her home.  Sweet Anna.  If you think of her will you please pray for her with me?
Here is Grandma.  My Grandma, Joan White.  She lost her baby Mary unexpectedly nearing the end of her pregnancy.  All my life I had no idea about the losses that both of my sets of Grandparents had experienced.  Now, all these years later, I am honored to bring memory to their sweet babies.
Who will be in your picture?  These babies are all so precious to my heart.  Each with their very own story and legacy.  I enjoyed getting to tell my children who they each are and who are their Mommies and Daddies.  I have been blessed by their lives over and over again.  May you get the opportunity too, to this month tell your story or your friend’s story or your family’s story.



4 thoughts on “March is Going to be a BIG Month

  1. I am grateful that myself and other women have a chance to share their story and honor their little ones in such a sweet way. Thanks Maria for sharing your story and your son Gideon with all of us. —Chris

  2. Agree with Chris, what a neat opportunity. Cannot wait to read the words from all these beautiful ladies!! Also, the picture at the end of your post of and your kids holding up the names of all of our kiddos??? Tears. That picture is so amazingly beautiful. 🙂

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