Merry Christmas To All!

My heart literally leaps out of my chest at the thought of it being Dec 22nd, only 3 days until Christmas!  As I sit back to half pretend I am a kid again and half fully soak up the fact that I get to be a Mommy to some…there are so many things I am reflecting back on.

These past years have been so refining.  So full.  So stretching in so many ways, but as for now I feel like these days right now are for soaking.  For resting.  For praying.  2016, I believe is going to be some year.

Over these next couple of days I pray that you, with me, slow down and allow God’s joy to seep through it all.  May God’s blessing of life eternal fully minister to you this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to All!!

Love, Maria, Dave, Faith, David, Aaron, Sammy, and of course (in memory) our lovely Gideon



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To All!

  1. So beautiful as always…what a great picture and everyone is smiling…Did you threaten them all???:):) I can.t get over what a happy baby Sammi is..Actually everyone looks happy..Love you as always. Wishes for a Blessed Christmas and A Healthy Happy New Year…Miss you this time of year, especially when you where young and you arrived on Christmas day and danced to “We need a little Christmas”. Thanks for wonderful memories. (sniff sniff)

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