Friends and Leukemia

Words are hardly coming.  Only a floodgate of “whys” and “hows” and “heaven when are you coming??”

A dear friend of mine Julia just received the news on Sunday that her sweet 2 year old son has leukemia.  Its as if the world stopped turning…just for a moment for me.  I cannot imagine how long that feeling will last for their family.

You see there is a big huge part of my spirit that just wants to be solely and fully mad.  Mostly at the all the awful and painful things that life in this world seem to keeps offering.  There is no way around it and no matter how hard I try to ignore it, the difficult things just don’t stop coming.

Here is our precious Cooney Family.  Please join me in praying for them often.  Mom (Julia), Dad (Paul), Isaiah, Madelyn, Rachel, and little Titus in Daddy's arms.
Here is our precious Cooney Family. Please join me in praying for them often. Mom (Julia), Dad (Paul), Isaiah, Madelyn, Rachel, and little Titus in Daddy’s arms.

There’s the mad.  There’s the sad.  But then, there’s a conversation with Julia.  There is seeing her and her sweet son Titus and seeing…

that yet God is here too.

I felt all those things for them, yet at the same time I know and I see the opportunity for God’s grace and mercy and strength and power to shine all the more brightly through their days.  God draws close to the brokenhearted and He provides things to the hurting that gets them through things they thought never possible.  God gives us what we need, when we need it, not a minute too soon or late.

I heard hope in Julia’s voice.  I saw the acceptance in her demeanor.  I saw the “this is just what we have to do and we are going to do it” mentality that only a loving Heavenly Father can bestow.

These days are hard, in fact they are awful for this sweet precious family of 6 and I ask for you to PRAY.  Please pray for sweet Titus.

Pray for his full healing.

Pray for his comfort, that God would relieve any physical discomfort.

Pray for endurance for his Mommy and Daddy.  That the moments might be hard, but the days be blessed in abundance.

Pray for Titus’s older sisters and brother, that their little spirits too would trust God fully.

Pray for all the right people, at all the right times, with all the right things be there for the Cooney family.

Pray for hope, always perfect hope to drive out all fear.

Pray for day by day living for them as a family.

It is so painful and hard to watch the people that you love go through such trial.  But I find it no coincidence that Gideon has been beating on my heart intensely these past few days.  He was there with me at my women’s study, when I stood in the very same place we had Gideon’s service and sang out “How Great Thou Art.”  Gideon was there with me as I ran a 5k with my daughter, as I remembered that when I ran my last 5k I was just a few days pregnant with him.  Gideon was there as we quietly and momentarily grieved when Faith’s “Gideon Strong” bracelet finally broke…she hasn’t taken it off for one second since he came.

There Gideon has been and I think it is for right now for me to remember that God is good even in the times of trial.  That I can look back now, see the healing and the goodness of a Saviour who loves me, and hopefully offer some of that hope to my friends that are hurting.  That once more I am reminded of the power that comes in a season of hurt and the glory that comes in the aftermath of it.  God’s glory, but our glory too.

Today would you find prayers for the Cooney family?  Today would you find hope in your days if trials are many?  Today would you offer that glimpse of God’s love for someone else you know who might be hurting?

And today, this day, we pray BOLD prayers together!  Prays of God’s miracles to fill these circumstances!  Miracles for sweet Lindy,  for her kidneys to be healed!  Prayers for a family in Pennsylvania who, after many miscarriages, finally gave birth to a son who is now living only by life support…Jesus please!  Please heal that baby!  Make those parent’s joy complete.  Prayers for a homeless women in my brother and sister-in-laws church whose baby will be taken from her as soon as it is born…a miracle for a mother’s healing heart!

And bold bold prayers for sweet Titus!  Yes this journey might be long and the diagnosis difficult, but in God’s great love Titus will remain strong and live HEALED!  We pray these knowing that our Father is good and He is far and above over every detail of our lives.  It is in HIM we pray and believe.

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