Baby Furlough 5 Reveal

The end of 2014?  Really we are here already?  Not sure how I feel about that.

When I went to visit Gideon’s grave site, I found myself honing in on the “2014.”  Its this time of year that we look back, then look forward.  Its this time of year we take inventory of all that last year held, as we look forward to the possibilities of what is to come.  This past year was a big year for our family and I think a part of me will always stay there.

I remember ringing in 2014, wondering how on earth I was going to survive the months to come.  When you know that most impactful day of your life is approaching its hard to look forward to it coming.  I remember feeling timid as I entered into 2014, like “I know I have to keep walking, but I’m not really sure I want to.”  But walk through we did, and Gideon came and touched our lives forever.

When I weep for him its more than missing him, its tears of realization that life on this earth will never ever be the same.  And so then, now knowing this new truth…how does one welcome in a new year?  A new year that once upon a time focused on the promises of joyful days to come, now seems to realistically remind me that certain pains will never go away.   How do I bring in a new year now?  Well…maybe I don’t.

Tomorrow, next year, I don’t know what they hold.  I know what I need to do today, but I’ve learned all too clearly that I have no idea what on earth I am going to need to do tomorrow.  What I do know, what I can celebrate…is that last year God showed up.  Just like He always does, He gave me moments to celebrate and to recognize His presence.  So now, instead of “ringing in a new year,” I think I’m going to instead, bring praise for the last one.

-In 2014 my family got to meet Gideon, we got to hold him, kiss him, and (if even for a moment) he was ours.

-In 2014 my marriage became stronger than it ever has before.  I got to live every day seeing my husband for the knight in shining armor he truly is.

-Last year my daughter turned 7, and a beautiful, amazing, smart, and fun young lady she truly is.

-My first son turned 5 and it was as if over night he grew up, no longer toddling around our house he became a strong, smart  and very talented young man.

-My second son turned 3 and his smiling eyes continue to bring endless joy to our family.  He brings a calm sense of joy and he is relentlessly helpful.

-We added a little doggy addition to our family and (ironically enough even after some nibbles and house accidents) we have been thankful for her everyday.

-God brought new friendships into our lives and brought close family that has been afar through the years.  Gideon unified us all and we saw the hands and feet of Christ working in our lives everyday.  He brought you.

-God abundantly blessed our “From Fear to Faith” Bible study.  Those women have forever changed my life and God showed up and blew us away every single time we met…without exception.

-A new pregnancy…I pause here as even still the thought brings about both pain and happiness.  Though the road has been rocky and will continue to be so, we praise God everyday for this little life inside of me.  These last couple of days have been excitedly blessed as we got to tell our family what the baby is.

And most finally we are excited to end our 2014 by telling you too!  I preface this video by saying it most assuredly reveals some of the vast and diverse silliness of our little family.  I share it with you knowing full well you are getting an all exposed glimpse into us 🙂

Join us in celebrating 2014 and the little Baby Furlough 5 (BF5) thats in the works in Mommy’s belly.  Happy New Year!

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