A Christmas Prayer for You (&Me)


You, better than all, know the tears.  You know the joys and the sorrows that come into our days.  You know the “giddy like a child” feeling we get when all seems to be going just right.  You know the fall from grace that we go through when we experience loss for the first time.  You know the skip in our step from a dream coming true and you know pain in our hearts when we have to one let slip from our grasp.  Father all of this you know, and you know it…because you lived it too.

This time of year, so riddled with feelings and memories, I pray that you would break our hearts for you.  That knowing you could somehow far surpass any greatness or sadness that this world holds.  I pray that that during Christmas, whether we are experiencing thankfulness or grief, I pray we would experience it with you, never forgetting the beauty and the tragedy of your birth.  God come true to give us hope.

Father I want to see you through the lights.  I want to find you in the laughter and I want to remember, that in whatever this next year holds there you will be.  You will be there, because you came to.  I pray blessings upon families this Christmas.  Blessings for those homes full of togetherness and excitement, and blessings in the homes that find those things hard this time of year.  I pray closeness from you Lord.  Closeness.  Forgiveness.  And remembrance that our best Christmas is yet to come.   In name of Jesus to which we celebrate this season I pray all of this.  Amen.

Have a very Merry Christmas, from the Furloughs with all of our love!

P.S I know you are excitedly waiting for us to share our baby gender news with you.  Next week, I promise 🙂  In the meantime enjoy some yuletide joy from my amazingly talented son David, who might possibly be, the rockingest Joseph in nativity history.  (Please pardon the poor filming, I was laughing too hard to keep my phone straight).

Merry Christmas!  With all of our love from our family to yours.
Merry Christmas! With all of our love from our family to yours.  Thank you Adam for our amazing family pictures  http://thegoodlight.com/



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