Fear to Faith Wrap Up

As I sit here this Monday night writing, I cannot help but once again be baffled at my under estimation of God’s purposes.  How fully and regularly He takes my expectations and makes real life come out of them, far better than anything I could have conceived.

I cannot emphasize enough how precious and irreplaceable it was meeting with my group of women each week in our Fear to Faith class.  I think it is something I surely did not make enough of a priority in the past, and honestly now that our class is over for the Fall, I quite literally do not know what I am going to do without this group of women in my life each Thursday.  The class was a 10 week class, and sure I think most of us will re-take a class together in the Spring, but my goodness after our last meeting last week I couldn’t help but wish for a …few…more…weeks.

There was a trust present in the room each week.  A trust not only in God and what He wanted to teach us that day, but a vulnerable trust in eachother.  A trust to come in with our tears, fears, and worries and lay them bear to one another.  And this group of 20 women, from all different walks of life and life stages, unknowingly became best of friends.  A group of women united passionately together is a powerful thing.  A thing I want more of.

At our last class, I thanked them for trusting me.  At the onset of the class I intentionally gave them no syllabus, no agenda, no fore site whatsoever into what we would be studying each week.  “It is a practice in trust,” I told them “a practice in being at peace about not needing to know every detail of life or feeling tempted to control it.  A practice in just trusting what God will teach you each week.”  A lofty statement I realize, and I was humbled and thankful for the fact that they trusted me in that.  They even said it actually brought peace to not have to worry or prepare for what was coming next.  Amen.  That is exactly how life should be too.

I also thanked them for letting me share my Gideon with them.  His life truly was the reason why I was there, and they constantly supported me as I shared his life over and over again.  Even through the very last class where we studied the life of Gideon in the Bible.

You see the class ended with a charge to NOW Live in Confidence.  To begin to live in the life transformation that God began in them.  Such a transformation is possible and can be attained.  In the book of Judges Gideon was a fearful man.  He even did his work hiding out in the basement winepress in order to try and not attract any attention on himself.  Then…God called him out.  Out of the basement of fear and into a life of trust and obedience in Him.  He called Gideon to move boldly forward, confident in who God was and what God was calling Him to do.  Gideon did it with God’s help, and we can too.

I decided that there was no better way to conclude these past weeks than with a recap and a group picture.  These are the words and the women who captivated my heart.Group pic

They even humored me with a "silly pic."  I love the ranges of silly from all out sticking out tongue to a slight tilt of head.
They even humored me with a “silly pic.” I love the ranges of silly from all out sticking out tongue to a slight tilt of head.

From Fear To Faith

Week 1:  “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” John 14:27

Week 2:   When fears come we have a choice: Saul or David Psalm 55

Week 3:  Future Telling, Let it Be God’s Job Job 42:1-3

Week 4:  Trust God, Even in the Worst Lamentations 3:19-25

Week 5:  Wrestle with God and Give HIM Control Proverbs 3:1-26

Week 6:  Pray Faith Filled Prayers Over Fear Filled Pleas John 17

Week 7:  Trust What the Bible Says on Suffering James 1:2-17

Week 8: Take Jesus Up on His Offer: Peace Philippians 4:4-9

Week 9: Claim God’s Promises of Protection Psalm 71:6-8

Week 10: Now LIVE IN CONFIDENCE Judges 6:14-26

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