10 Years

This week Dave and I are in California to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary.  Our actual anniversary is October 14th, but to get away just the two of us we will take any time of the year!

wedding pic

At milestones like this one it is crazy to look back and see how far we’ve come.  To see how much life we lived and to wonder what we would have done if someone told us on our wedding day the things we would go through together.  I am thankful for so many things, but our marriage, my husband tops that list and this vacation carries immense joy for us to be able to take together.

This past year has been our best.  As a couple, these storms truly made us stronger and I can say with confidence that I love this man more today than I ever have before.  As we adventurize together this week, we are praying that each minute is a slow one.  That we can take a deep breath together and talk about all the many things we are thankful for.  To spend time seeing, with full clarity, that these past tens years, this week together, and all that will follow contain blessing beyond measure.

This was a trip we did not think we were going to get to take.  When we found out we were pregnant we thought we would have a newbie baby in tow for our 10th year, but as life unfolded we decided we would need some time together away just the two of us.  The way I look at it, its another gift our son Gideon gave to us.  As we travel these days we celebrate all of our children and I honestly feel as though Gideon will be with us.  When you see the ridiculous over abundance of blue attire, accessories, and nails in our pictures you will know why 😉

More stories of our trip to come, but for now I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see the slideshow we played at our wedding.  Little side story, my brother is an amazing video editor.  He has been blessing our family with his gifts for years and he pours his all into these slideshows.  There is, however, always a mistake of some sort.  In Gideon’s slideshow video he put his birth date at March 21st.  It was not, it was March 31st.  In our wedding video he lovingly CongraDulated us on our marriage.  Some things you just can’t live down, ya know?

So here’s to the past ten years and, by the will of God, many more to come.  Even when the storms rage and the water rises on this life of ours, I know we will be okay because I have this man of God supporting us and leading us.  It is through Dave’s strength of faith and emphasis on the hope of heaven that this family is where it is today.

Happy 10th Year

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