A “Gideon Blue” Give Away

Try as I might, life keeps barreling forward.  From small stresses to big fears, each day’s moments bring things I frankly do not want to face.  I just want to bury my head in a pillow, my children and husband sweetly draped around me, and smile and live on my days until it is time for me to go to Heaven too.  But alas, it just does not happen like that.  Even worse, I find myself getting bothered again by those little stresses and big fears and I just refuse to let them take hold.  There is no going backwards, only boldly forward.

Reminders help me remember to be strong.  To remember to allow the peace in.  To remember that what is good in this life is worth fighting for.  So, I have inundated my home, life, and personage with little reminders of Gideon’s life.  More than that, little reminders of what God taught me through his life.  Through his loss too.  Reminders that prompt me to take a deep breath, clear my mind, and remember most things aren’t important enough to get upset over.  And nothing is worth stealing any joy I can find in my days.

I am often touched by a hug or kind word from you.  Especially now.  When I think the world keeps turning and everyone has moved on, your stories remind me that you are still learning right alongside of me.  Many of you have shared that Gideon’s peace has touched your lives.  Others have shared a renewal in faith you have experienced through seeing our journey through this tragedy.  Still others have seen modern day miracles.  This got me thinking, maybe you would like a reminder too?

I am doing a give away of two precious mementos that have been created and prayed over.  One I mentioned in a previous post.  My precious family created these and they have been given away in drolls (we had to order more and family up north I promise yours are coming!).  They are Gideon Blue wrist bands that write “GIDEON STRONG My peace I give you.”  I shower, swim, and sweat in mine!

photo (7)

Another is a precious work of art my Mom created.  It is called “Shades of Peace.”  She cried and prayed with every stroke of her brush, and we would like to bless one of your homes with it.  The star in the upper corner is a button we used on Gideon’s Memory table at his service, surrounded by a little dash of yellow it is there to remind us of the hope of heaven.  That while in this life we embrace God’s peace to get us through the sorrowful and the scary…we are also emboldened by knowing that hope is still to come.  All tears will be wiped away and we will be whole again.

My mom said she put Gideon's slideshow on repeat and cried and painted until it was finished.  When she told me and showed me I immediately prayed for it to bless someone.
My mom said she put Gideon’s slideshow on repeat and cried and painted until it was finished. When she told me and showed me I immediately prayed for it to bless someone.  It is a 5×7 thin canvas, it can fit a frame or stand alone.

Would you bless me with a reminder too?  I am working on a book for our family to have in our home.  One that tracks the journey we have been on and attempts to encapsulate all that God has accomplished.  If you would, leave a comment below.  Maybe something God has taught you?  Maybe a example of a Gideon Blue in your life?  Maybe a memory or story that really touched you?  Anything your heart desires.  I will include them ALL in our memory book.

I will enter all the names/emails of people who leave comments into a drawing and I will send the winner two Gideon Blue bracelets and the Shades of Peace art work.  My prayer is that we will both be equally blessed.  I will contact the winner next Tuesday and post it in next week’s writing.


17 thoughts on “A “Gideon Blue” Give Away

  1. You don’t know me, at least not in person, but you are the friend of a friend of a friend! That is how I stumbled upon your story. I found myself drawn to read what you had written. You see, my youngest son is also named Gideon. He turned 18 this year and just graduated from high school. His life is full of the promise of youth and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I want you to know that I, a mother who has two sons (my oldest is 21), do not read your story and think “thank God I didn’t lose my Gideon!” No…when I read your story, I begin to understand that we are in this together, and that God is in it with us, no matter what. Often my newly adult children are no where near me. My heart aches sometimes when I let it wander to all the bad things that could happen to them. But my heart also soars with joy when I remember that more likely are all the wonderful things that can happen to them.

    Yes, you don’t know me, but I am your sister. I cry for you and with you, and I pray for God to give you comfort and for there to be much joy in your life. May God continue to use you to help remind all of us that God is good, even in the difficult parts of our walk. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal story. Peace….Amy

    1. Amy, you ARE my sister. I often wonder about all the Gideon’s out there. What they are like and who they are. I love to think that there is meaning in names and your son carries a great one in my humble opinion 😉 Thank you for sharing your family with me. Thank you for sharing YOU with me.

  2. Maria this is just beautiful. Chrissy did an amazing job. Of course I am selfish and would love this piece. But I know there are plenty of people out there that would like it also. I love and miss you.

  3. Maria, as always your reflections , feelings and your love are so truly touching. Whenever I read your words they always seem to transport me to wherever you are at that very moment. As always I love you very much and will always keep Gideon close in my mind and in my heart.

  4. Your story has touched many. I have been so blessed by your transparent reflections. It is amazing how God can use such pain and heartache and turn it into good, and dare I say. . . even joy?

    My oldest daughter, now age 2, has some severe developmental delays. We learned back in November 2013 that she has Cohen Syndrome (confirmed via genetic testing). Your story has reminded me that God is so very GOOD. All the time. No matter what. And that JOY can be found even in the mist of pain. Even in the midst of death (to me this means death of the type of child I envisioned when dreaming of growing our family). Thank you for your encouragement and allowing Gideon to make a difference.

    1. He IS good all the time, no exceptions! Surely there is always mourning when trials come. Mourning the loss of days without the pain, if nothing else. But as you said it best, a deeper more freeing type of joy WILL come. It’s his promise to you and your sweet daughter. I will pray for peace and precious trust for you and your family.

    2. YAY!!!! Brittnie I just selected a winner and you won the Shades of Peace and the bracelets!! If you would email me your address I will get it out to you ASAP!

      I pray Brittnie, that as you go through this season with your daughter, every time you will look at the painting you will sweetly reminded of the peace that God has for you through His unfailing love. He wants you to have it every moment of every day.

      1. Thank you so much! I am so excited. The painting will go in a prominent place where it will be seen daily, and serve as a reminder that God’s love is never ceasing and that JOY can be found in all situations. Thank you!

  5. Maria Darling, today I read through all of your reflections since the day you began writing on True Worth. Oh, my goodness, what an adventure, what a story of faith you have written! Beautful, humorous, picturesque, truthfilled, painfilled, sadness, joy, musical, biblical, honest, insightful and above all, loving. You have given us the gift of looking into your heart and soul and witnessing the miracle that God is working within you. What a blessing you are to us, our firstborn granddaughter. We thank God for giving us all the years watching you grow into the wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, friend and God-filled woman you are today. You are a power of example for all who know you and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.
    We love you dearly, Grandma and Grandpa
    P.S. I sold a book today!

    1. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! I am so blessed to have you alongside of me in this journey of life. I have always gleaned so much wisdom from you both and I love you dearly.

  6. My Dearest MAria,
    I have shared with you in the past how I see you. I know it’s already been said, but this is worth saying again.

    I look forward to Tuesdays. I look forward to reading every word. It’s such a journey that you’ve taken me, and everyone else, on. You’re unbelievable. Your faith in God has taken me to new levels in my own faith. I admire you and Dave and am so very grateful that we have been a part of Gideon’s life and continue to be a part of it with all of you. As I said in the book we sent, Gideon is an honorary Guardian Angel in our household, especially with little Robert. We feel like we know him and he is with us at all times.

    Maria, you’ve always held a special place in my heart ever since I met your Uncle Robert. There’s always been a great depth of strength and resilience in you ever since you were just 5 years old. I can’t say that I’m surprised at the wonderful woman you’ve become. To see you with your children and with Dave does my heart good. There is such love there and always has been. I see many of your character traits in Courtney and much of your kindness, compassion, in both Courtney and Corinne. I can only hope that I will raise them to be as fine of a woman as you have become, Maria. I mean that with every essence of my being.

    I love you, kiddo! You are a phenomenal mom, wife, daughter, niece, and overall person. God blessed our entire family when he gave us you.

    With much love and admiration,

    Aunt Lisa

  7. On another note….. once I thought about it, I think perhaps you were looking specifically for Gideon BLue thoughts, so here we go….

    What does blue mean to me?

    Blue is the endless sky which holds picturesque clouds that the imagination can create in our own imaginations. Can you see the cute angel? The elephant? Maybe even a smiling baby?

    Blue is the sea, so deep, shimmery, and welcoming. The water touches lands, brings us places we’ve only been able to dream of…. a place of mystery and wonder…

    Blue is the many blue “forget-me-not” flowers that sprinkle my flower beds, my lawn, and even the crevices in my driveway… the millions of tiny little delicate flowers that beckon me to reminesse about those whom I have loved and have left this world… asking that I not forget them. These flowers line my flower beds, then die away quickly, only to spring up again and again. Blue “forget-me nots” do this to me…..
    they make me think, remember, and smile at my memories whom I am reminded to never forget. They spread their seeds of beauty everywhere and sprout up in unexpected places.

    This is what blue now does for you, for me, and for everyone who thinks of Gideon. Blue is a color of peace, of endless summer skies, of the oceans blue so filled with life and wonder.

    It is in the blue stripes in a dress, the new blue shirt you see on your child, the soft cuddly fleece you covet, the blue heart that speaks of love so deep that red could never be enough to express the passion from within.

    Blue is a feeling of sadness that overcomes us at times, but is replaced with God’s love and the little delicate Forget-Me-Not flowers that come each spring and throughout the summer…. beckoning us to live, dance, and enjoy our life here on Earth, for our time here is short.

    Blue is knowing that one day we will be able to live up above that endless blue sky and be reunited with those we love in the kingdom of God for all eternity.

    That is what BLUE means to me.

  8. Maria, through all this, when I did not know how you, Dave, your Mom or your Dad could even breathe, somehow you are teaching us how to pray. Last week I dreamed about your ministry to other families. It was huge. There were lines of people waiting to hear your story. Dave was by your side. Mike and Chris was there supporting you. The kids too, running around, survivors of life’s harshest horror. All of you, in Gideon’s peaceful blue, showing that with God, the unimaginable is possible. I couldn’t hear your words. I could just see your lips moving and see this hush fall across the crowd. The crowd was so massive. They weren’t all women. It was men, women, families, old and young. The message was that peace can come, this peace that you so need, this peace that you have described to us. I saw this Gideon blue peace fall across this crowd as you described it to them. Your ministry to young girls has been amazing and is ever changing. Your ministry to yourself has brought you peace and I pray it will bring you peace over these next years as you bury your head in your pillow and cast aside the things that really don’t matter for the things that really do. You have taught us what is important. You have made us think about the deep Gideon blue yonder and what it holds. That my friend, is so important when we can choose Jesus.

    1. Gatewood you have brought stirrings to my soul that words simple cannot describe. All I can say is that my deepest prayer is that you are right in all your words and that God will continue to bring beauty from these ashes. Thank you.

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