The Insatiable Quest for Beauty AND a Giveaway!

Its amazing how often we believe that we are alone in our struggles.  Too often.  Especially when it comes to the way we view ourselves.  We spend so much time in our own brains, thinking how wonderful they are and how flawed we are.  Its so awesome when people come into our lives that remind us…you are not alone.

A new friend of mine, Tiffany Dawn, shares her story in her book titled The Insatiable Quest for Beauty.  As I paged through her words I could not help but resonate with her story, her quest, her pain.  She writes, “Strapping on my heels, I stood for  final, long stare in the mirror.  I hated that mirror and what it told me, but somehow couldn’t imagine life without it.”  Amen sister.  I hate that dag mirror too.

Here’s Tiffany and her encouragement for you today.  Tiffany would also love to send you a copy of her book so leave a comment below and be entered in a giveaway to win one!

Just a Hot Mess by: Tiffany

“God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength,”

1 Corinthians 1:25b, NLT.

 I read this and breathe, “So weakness is human. I don’t have to have it all together all the time, because God is strong though I am not.” This verse lifts weight off my shoulders, because it means that I can be a mess.

And that’s good because let me tell you: I am a hot mess.

I spent much of my life trying to be good enough, always giving a little more and a little more, but never finding the “enough” portion. Whether in society, the church, or my own mind, I would do whatever was required, but something more was inherently missing.

When we wear a mask, we live like it’s all about us. We worry about what other people are thinking. We obsess over our appearance, which is why that mask is so important. But here’s the thing:


This thing called life is all about God and for Him; it’s in Him and through Him. It’s for His glory. We have nothing apart from Him. We can never be “good enough” to earn His love, and yet He has given it freely. We have nothing to prove and nothing to earn. He has already accepted us and called us to show His love to the world we live in: to know Him and make Him known.

I felt like shackles fell off me, like I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath, but I could suddenly breathe again. Deeply, fully. Because it wasn’t all about me.

God has set me free from disordered eating. I love the person God has created me to be, and I thank Him for this body He’s given me: the one I used to hate and hide.

This is the person I was, but grace has changed me. Every victory and freedom has been found in the strength of Christ. It’s okay to be weak. It’s okay to be human. We are loved just as we are. And we can be free, not through how good we are, but through how close we stay to our Father.

To hear more of Tiffany Dawn’s story, check out her book The Insatiable Quest for Beauty and her website:

23 thoughts on “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty AND a Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for this post, great to read this morning! Especially the reminder that God’s grace is available to us always in all situations and especially when we stay close to Him. And that’s the best place to be! I’ll definitely check out your website.

  2. Thank you for putting into words what often I feel. May God use your book to help strengthen and direct women to see themselves as God sees them -truly beautiful and loved!

  3. It’s so important to be reminded this truth daily: “IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT US!” I relate so much to this post. I can get caught up in spending too much time in life trying to be “enough” for somebody, something, some group….

    It’s only through God that we know He is enough and His grace is sufficient.

    And what an awesome God that He whispers this truth to me at just the right times!

    Looking forward to checking out Tiffany Dawn’s website and book. God bless!

  4. I really identified with your sharing. I use to wear the mask of the “Sunshiny, happy-go-lucky” gal, having everything in my life all together, when in fact I was falling apart inside, not letting anyone know how I was hurting. Through God’s grace, I was able to drop the mask, grow into being myself, accepting the reality of my life and feel God’s love for me. His grace is enough, yeah His grace is enough, yeah His grace is enough for me!

  5. Thank you beautiful ladies for your honesty and real ness. It is a blessing to read the testimony of struggle and the victory over it that is thru Jesus! May you be blessed in amazing ways…..I know I am through you

  6. I thank God for your heart and your willingness to open up and share your experiences with others. I pray that your honesty will reach women and girls that desperately need to know his caring touch.

  7. Thank you so much for your courage and encouragement. You are an inspiration to this fellow daughter of the King as I continue growing in learning to see myself and all people through His loving gaze.

  8. In this day and age it’s so hard raising a daughter to see that her true beauty is found in who she is in Christ! No matter how I try to shield her from the lies this world offers she still battles with self image and she’s only 10. All I know to go us to instill in her the truth found in the Word of God!

    1. Mm, how true! There are lies all around us. It’s so hard believe the truth, when the lies feel more real sometimes. I pray God continues to give you strategy and wisdom along this journey!

  9. Idy love to win a copy of Tiffany ‘s book to help my daughter who is also a fellow red – head! thanks, Michelle

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