What Life Is Really All About

This past weekend we had our Mother Daughter event called “Dearly Loved.”  All I can say is that THIS is what life is really all about and THIS is what it looks like to be a hero to your daughter.

There is something about time spent together.  Its so simple, yet so powerful.

May your heart fill with joy as these pictures do the talking…

DL9 DL8 DL7 DL6 DL5 DL4 DL3 DL2 DL1 KadiFit

6 thoughts on “What Life Is Really All About

  1. Fun!!! Kudos to you & Greta (and all the others that helped that I don’t know)!!! I know y’all put much thought and planning into this sweet event.

  2. Wow Maria, it sure looks like God blessed your event. Everyone looks so happy and dearly loved! I am so proud of you!

  3. What a turnout!!
    ..looks like everyone had a great weekend…So very proud of you and Mom . God has certainly worked his love and blessed all the Moms and their daughters through you both. Great job…Luv U

    1. Hi Jane! We started the day off doings dance called The Wobble together. It was very fun and Mothers AND Daughters got really into it. We also played a Mother Daughter version of The Newly Wed game. Haha, sounds kind of funny putting that in writing, but the ladies loved it?

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