I Need You to Know


Today, I need you to know how beautiful you are.  How amazingly, perfectly, beautiful you are.  I am not just talking “on the inside” either.

No matter your strengths or your weaknesses, there IS beauty that radiates from you.  The way that you look does not define you, it compliments you.  There might be things you hate, even loathe about yourself.  But rest assured those are not the things I see when I look at you.  I see all the good things, all the unique things that make you YOU.

Not everyone is so nice, I realize that.  People may criticize, scold, or whisper behind your back.  But in the palm of your hands you hold your security, your worth, your confidence.  It is yours.  It is yours to protect…don’t let them have it.  Yes, be confident in the beauty that is yours.

Today, give yourself this day to really truly believe that you are beautiful.  You are cherished, you are special, you are lovely to behold.

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