Fear of the Unknown

It’s tempting isn’t it?  To give in to fear on a daily basis?  Minute to minute even.  To live in the turmoil and stress of dwelling on the fear of the unknowns in life.

For me, fear has transformed through the years.  I forgot to include something in my “Dear Me” post a couple months ago.  I would love to go back and tell my teenage self, “Self, stop wasting so my much time fearing “the freshman 15” or those “extra pounds from pregnancy,” yup one happens to you and one doesn’t…but it doesn’t change who you are so stop wasting time in fear.”  As a young insecure teenager my unknowns were all about my body.

As a young mom fear of the unknowns came glaring through in all new ways.  “Will my child love me?”  “Will my child be safe?” “Will they be potty trained by age two?!?”  Fear, fear, fear.  I even came “this close” to purchasing a kit that would enable me to escape out of a car submerged in water just in case I ever drove off that bridge on the way to Grandma’s house.  (Phew!  That one felt good to get off my chest).  Crazy right?  So crazy.

To be even more completely honest, today has been a fear filled day for me.  Last month we moved into a new home.  A home that, right from the start, felt like it was handcrafted for our family.  Today, almost 45 days later we have not closed yet.  Not closed?  Yup, you heard it here first.  We are living in a home we have not closed on yet, we have been waiting a month for a letter from the bank (short sale), and yesterday I learned that the future of my job is no longer 100% secure.  Hmmmmmmm…saying my heart has been in knots and my stomach turned over is an understatement.

But, for those who believe in and center their lives on the living Word of God fear becomes obsolete.  No matter the unknown…no matter the temptation of fear…no matter the “worst case scenarios” my brain conjures up…


Our good friend Adam Coker did these pics for us…


My beautiful nephew Caleb.

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