Gratefulness or Arrogance?

It is a fine line between these two extremes.  The line between gratefulness and arrogance is one I have always been so afraid of crossing.

In case this is your first time here I should warn you I have “insecure” written on my forehead in Sharpie.  (Well, maybe not really but I should come with a warning).  Through the years I have let insecurity affect far too many aspects of my life and when it came to confidence I was always afraid people would think I was arrogant.  Always more concerned about what people thought than who I was.  So I retreated from anything resembling over confidence.

But there has got to be something that comes before arrogance.  Something God given and God glorifying that insecurity always convinces us to ignore.  Gratefulness.

Sure, there are lots of things I am not.  But my goodness, how did I lose site of all the things that I am?  How did I ever let it get this bad?  So bad that I have spent years nit picking myself, laying awake at night wondering “how I came off,” or trying desperately not to let anyone see the ugly?

I thought of all of this today because I was debating on changing my domain name.  When I first set out to start this blog, this ministry, this out pouring of my heart I had decided that would be an arrogant choice.  I need to be “humble” and not “self serving” and not “all about me” blah blah blah.  Really, I avoided it because I was insecure about seeming arrogant.

But I know I am not an arrogant person so why worry about people assuming that I am?  Instead, I hope to communicate my gratefulness to God for exactly how He made me.  And He made me Maria Furlough, in all my guts and glory.  A spirit of gratefulness can cure even the strongest bought of insecurity. (or arrogance for that matter).

1. Grateful for my body.

2. Grateful for my mind.

3.  Grateful for my emotions.

4.  Especially Grateful for my weaknesses. 

5 thoughts on “Gratefulness or Arrogance?

  1. I SO love reading your blog! We have so much in common, I also have grown up with VERY low self esteem, and it has GREATLY impacted my life. It is AMZING to me to see how God has used this in the last 5 yrs. HE TRULY takes the bad and uses it for GOOD, His good!! Thank you for sharing your life and how God has used your circumstances to do HIS work. Tiffany Tarlowe

    1. It is AMAZING isn’t it!? Such a testimony of His power because MAN low self esteem is a tough one isn’t it??? Love you Tiffany, thanks for being a part of this journey.

  2. I love reading your blog, we have SO much in common, I also have grown up with VERY low self esteem! And it affected MANY parts of my life. It has been AMAZING to see how God has used my experiences, espeacially in the last 5 yrs. Thank you for sharing your experiences and how HE is doing HIS work through you! You are TRULY a gift from GOD!!

  3. I LOVE this post. A line I have constantly struggled and continue to struggle with!!! You inspire me-and if you ever need reminding of all the things you ARE-I’d be happy to let you know 🙂

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