Dear Me,

Dear Me (you know…the teenage version of me),

There are so so many things I want to tell you.  First of all, (especially in that flannel shirt) you are beautiful just the way you are.  Innocent too.  I wish you would hold on tight to that, as tight as you can.  Being a kid is the best thing you have got going for you.  I know I know…it is hard for you to live in the NOW.  You are so determined that sometimes you want to skip straight ahead to whatever is next in life.  It is okay to stay young.  It is important to be a kid.  Trust me, at 30 years old now, I can promise you these years are precious.

I know you feel like you have a hole in your heart.  One that you try so desperately to fill.  Many times you even think there is something wrong with you because you are constantly looking for more fulfillment in life.  Unfortunately you are going to spend entirely too much time looking for that fulfillment in sports, boys, love, affection, popularity…

But don’t worry.  You will eventually find what you have been missing at 20 years old when you meet Christ.  You did have a hole.  It was a God shaped one and He will change your life in ways you could have never imagined.  You will begin a relationship with Him that will be stronger than your insecurities.  Yup, I said it…our God is more powerful than even our poor body image.

You will have a long road those teen years.  I wish I could tell you to put the diet pills down.  I wish I could tell you that, honest to goodness, the size of your thighs do not matter.  I wish I could tell you that every boy that you kiss will leave a hole in your heart.  I wish I could tell you those things, but I can’t.  I can’t because all of those things will fuel your passion to minister to young women.  All those things combined will create the pain that leaves you wanting more to life.  Those mistakes that you make…they will hurt you, but they will help others.  In the end (you know us) it will be worth it.

Keep good track of these years because you will write a book about them.  It is called Your Daughter Needs a Hero and you will spill your guts.  Yes Mom and Dad will read it, they will love it too.  They your work because they love you.  I can see that now more than ever because I have kids of my own.  The love of Mom and Dad far surpass the way you talk to them through these years, so maybe you can ease up just a little.

See the little man in this picture?  Your brother Nick loves you.  He may not show it all the time, but trust me he does.  He loves you enough to write you a letter someday that will change your life.  Your little brother Nick (despite his current little brother peskiness) will become one of your best friends, his beautiful wife Bre will too.  Cherish these days that you live together.

There is one more thing I want to touch on.  One very very important thing.  Remember that prayer you prayed about finding a really great man someday?  I seem to remember it went something like this, “God, please send me a good man to be my husband.  Will you please?  My heart breaks so much for real love and I pray for a man who is kind to me.  One that is loving and handsome.”  Well my dear, God always exceeds expectations.  Here he is…

Isn’t he the most handsome thing you have ever seen? Yes, he will be your husband someday and his love for you, his patience, his kindness, his tenderness, his devotion, and his love for the Lord will leave you breathless on a regular basis.  His name is Dave.  He loves you more than you thought you could be loved and he will be the father of your three amazing children.

Maria, take a deep breath in life.  Know that you are good just the way you are, special even.  Seek out people who love you most…not ones that you wish did.  Be okay with being alone every now and again.  And finally, be excited.  It is one heck of a ride you are on, but you are a child of God and He has BIG things in store for you.



This Dear Me post written to my teenage self is part of my friend Emily Freeman’s celebration for her newest book, just release called Graceful. It’s a book for young women.

This letter was so fun to write, you should write one too! Emily is hosting a link up this Friday for anyone who wants to write a Dear Me letter to their teenage self.

9 thoughts on “Dear Me,

  1. Loved it. Specially how you are aware you couldnt say all these things even if you could because they are the things that will fuel you to live a Christ-centered life. God bless you!

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