Daughters, Mothers, and Chocolate Fountains

Daughters needs their Moms, and Moms need their Daughters too.  Why?  Well, believe it or not, we are in this thing together.  Too many times through life we make each other the bad guys.  The adversary who gives us a hard time, “doesn’t understand me,” or rolls their eyes every time I try to say something.  Truth is, we have no greater friend in this life.

For many of us, insecurity unfortunately unites us in a way we never give heed too.  Over and over again I hear Moms say, “I don’t want my daughter to struggle with insecurity the way I do.”  Daughters, on the other hand, live in this world of crazy that they don’t feel like Mom understands.  There is a disconnect.  A desire and need to be close to one another but no easy way to make it happen.  I have the answer.

Chocolate fountains.

This is what Mother Daughter time looks for Faith and I at this juncture in life. Dress-up, Dollies, and Easy Bake ovens, for now, are our chocolate fountain times. But, eye rolls are already at full capacity (for both parties).

Okay, I’m mostly kidding.  Chocolate fountains are not truly the answer, but I am sure they can help!  February 2013 we are going to have a Mother Daughter Party at Lake Forest Church Huntersville, NC.  Date, time, and details are still in the works…but the mission is set (and its simple).  Doing something together.  That’s it!  Complex isn’t it?  I know…I will let you stew on it for a little while.

We don’t do it nearly enough.  Just simply playing, laughing, learning, and being together as a mother and a daughter.   Oh and, of course, swimming in a chocolate fountain.

I had such precious moments as a young girl going on mother daughter retreats with my mom.  Our relationship was rocky, getting along always seemed like an enormous challenge for us.  But on those days, the days when we just went away together to be.  Well, those days are implanted in this brain of mine.  I wish we had done it so much more.

So here’s to February!  It is going to be way fun.  Other than chocolate fountains…what do you think we should do??

3 thoughts on “Daughters, Mothers, and Chocolate Fountains

  1. Oh, I just love this picture – Gorgeous!!!! Wouldn’t it be loverly if this mother could join her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter on 2/9.
    Make it a tea party with dress up, just like your picture.
    Love, love, love you, Gram

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