A Simple Word of Adoration

We just don’t do it enough.  I know it is hard, it is very hard for me.  Taking a step out of our comfort zones to speak a word of love to someone, well, sometimes it just feels scary.  But may I encourage you, today, to take that step out and tell someone that they are praiseworthy.  And, no…your friend, mom, dad, husband, cousin, grammy, uncle, or “BFF” don’t count this time.  This time, just this once, tell someone who is not so easy for you to tell…that you think they are pretty awesome.  Include in there what exactly is awesome about them.

I cannot tell you how many times God has used the words of other people to lift me up, just enough to get me over the hurt, the failure, or the worry.  May God use you, this day to speak a word of encouragement to someone who needs it.  Say a prayer.  Trust your gut.  And do it.

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