A Woman Of Confidence TODAY at Reluctant Entertainer

Every once and awhile you meet a woman who gives you hope, encouragement, and inspiration all at the same time.  Sandy Coughlin is one of those people.

God is good, and because of this, He puts just the right people in your life just when you need them.  I was losing steam.  Many days I would wake up and think, “I really don’t think this whole writing thing is working out for me.  I think I will throw in the towel.”  That is right where I was when Sandy agreed to review my book on her blog.

Sandy is a busy woman.  She is a full time blogger and writer, yet she took time out this month to love on me and encourage me.  Best of all, she told me about her daughter.  A daughter who, I believe, is living proof that security in a young woman IS possible.  Can I just say…I am so thankful, that as women we do not have to go through life alone.

Those adolescent years still creep in every now and again and I see the temptation every where for women to be intimidated, threatened, and insecure because of women around them clothed with faith, success, and strength.  Let us ever draw close to these women, ask them to teach us, and learn from those who have gone before us through life and have born abundant fruit.  Nothing is stronger than a cord of three strands, bearing together the many weights that this life brings.

Today is a very special day for me because Sandy is reviewing Your Daughter Needs a Hero on her Blog Reluctant Entertainer.

Will you join me today in this journey?  Stop in at her blog and join us in celebrating what God has done and is doing.  Even more than that, think of someone who you can encourage today with some wisdom and strength which you have gleaned from life’s many challenges.

For us, may we be women and men who band together.  Never ceasing for one minute for the sake of competition, but ever striving to help each other be strengthened and renewed.

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