Bustin’ A Move

There was something about 250 moms packed in a beautifully decorated room, chocked full with chocolate, energy, and music that just got me party rockin’!  It also got me thinking about dancing.  Sexy dancing.  You know…the type that we see teen girls doing that makes you want to throw up a little in your mouth.  I think you know the type of dancing I am talking about.

Picture thanks to Themba Imagery, who took fun and wonderful pictures at Mom Prom!

Except something happened at Mom Prom I was not prepared for.  Sexy dancing!  Three hours of it!  You got it baby, 250 moms young and old singing their hearts out and busting a move to “Pour some sugar on meeeee.”  Hmmmm, but there was not a man in sight.  What gives?

When I was a teenager I loved to dance (still do).  But my hips really caused me problems.  Whenever I went to prom, homecoming, etc; my, like way awesome moves, seemed to perpetually get me into trouble with the boys.  To be honest, most times at that age I was looking for the attention…but on the dance floor I wanted to be rid of them!  Leave me be lest you throw off my moves!

Problem is I don’t think there are enough outlets for young girls to let free the spirit inside of them that just wants to dance!  Not enough places for women to be women, in all their sexiness and beauty without the eyes of men looming.  As an adult I have found a few places that rejuvenate that dancing young girl inside of me and I wished I had had places like that when I was a teen.

One was at Mom Prom, but there is another place called Kadi Fit where she does a Kardio Dance class.  This is not just any aerobics class, it is like real dance moves baby!  Thank you Kadi Fit!  You can bet your bottom dollar, when my daughter is old enough we will be searching from sea to shining sea to find healthy, fun, and boyless places for us to shake those God given hips.  I don’t want her to squelch or confine that beauty and spunk that wells up inside of her, but I do want her to give it boundaries.  After all, her husband will thank me someday.

My husband is so stinking cute.  As a young mother of three I don’t get out much, so for Mom Prom I did it up!  I walked out of the bathroom and he said “There BETTER not be one single man in that place!”  How good it felt to know that my beauty was just for him and that I am made to be sexy and alluring (for his eyes only).  And thank God that there are places for me to shake what my momma gave me without worry or fear of giving glimpses to anyone else what rightfully belongs to my husband.

Does anyone else know of any fun places where us ladies can go, daughters and friends in tow, to dance dance dance away??  Remember even David, a man after God’s own heart, danced himself into a tizzy in praise of the loving Heavenly Father who created our bodies to do so.  “David was dancing before the Lord with all his might.” 2 Samuel 6:12

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