Eating from the Tree…again

Tell me, for once and for all…am I pretty?

It’s that stinking apple again!!  If I just bite into it.  If I just taste its sweet satisfaction on my lips then I will finally be whole.  I will finally be at peace.  With one bite I will live every single day of my life knowing I am beautiful.

There has never been an apple more deadly than the fruit of the the Tree of Knowledge.  So why do we keep on going back for more?  This world is a broken place, yet we go to its “knowledge” its “truths” to try and make us feel better.  No amount of YouTube comments will ever fill your soul.  No amount of hearing “You’re beautiful” or “You’re gorgeous” will ever convince you to start seeing yourself that way.  It is an evil plan…first you see the world’s standards for beauty and decide you come up short, then you ask the world what “they” think “Am I beautiful,” than they say “yes” or they say “no” but either way it didn’t change your mind about yourself…so now what do you do? You get depressed and start the cycle over again.

I am sick of it.  Take that apple and put it back where it belongs.  Physical beauty is eating us away, it is stealing the hearts of our girls.  Forget physical beauty, just forget it.  Do you have fun clothes shopping and looking to the nine?  Go for it!  Are manicures on your weekly “to do” list?  Get one for me!  Does nothing make you smile like your favorite lip gloss?  Me too, especially if it glitters!  But beautiful?  Gorgeous?  Hot?  Sexy?  Good-looking?  Skinny?  I am done with it.

I pray that someway, somehow this next generation of girls will be done with it too.  I just want to find them, hold them, squeeze them and never let them go.  These young girls who live entrenched in “To be or not to be pretty” are fighting a losing battle.  Who will come around them?  Who will help them see that their worth is so much deeper than looks. Who can remind them on a daily basis?  Who can help them redefine what they see when they look in the mirror?  Will you?  Can you?  It starts with you and me.

One thought on “Eating from the Tree…again

  1. I want to scream YES!! You are beautiful. You are made in the image of our loving awesome God! My heart just breaks that kids today put up a video to have people vote whether they are pretty or ugly – like that will somehow satisfy there need to feel beautiful or convince them once and for all they are or maybe they aren’t. Please pray for our children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, and friends – we all know a young girl – let’s commit to praying for them.

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