Welcome to Cover Design!

“Welcome to cover design.”  That was the subject line in the email I received from my publisher today.  I can’t wait!  This part is going to be so fun.  It will be surreal to see the book start coming to life in the form of a full color cover.  Is this really happening?  Wow.

So it is official. One month from today I will get to post the final concept for the cover of Your Daughter Needs a Hero.  My prayer is not that the cover will be a groundbreaking epitome of fanciness, but that in its simplicity and grace parents will see that God has something great in store for their families.  That is my goal and the entirety of my prayer for the contents of this book.  Even if it is just one family, if this whole journey takes place so that one family will be touched…it was SO worth it!  May the cover be someone’s first glimpse into that dream.

Here we go!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cover Design!

  1. Ohm, my heart is beating faster – like a kid at Christmas, in anticipation of what your cover will look like. Such excitement!

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