A Beautiful Disaster

Sometimes I cannot help but acknowledge how good God is that sometimes, just when I need it the most, He plops something on my lap.  A small reminder just to tell me he loves me.

Today a new song came into my life, Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin.  It is about me.  It is about our daughters.  It is about you.  Somewhere along the way in our trek to beauty we mostly find disaster.  Disaster on our souls, on our decisions, on our worth and the generation of young girls today have it the worst.  They want so badly to feel beautiful, to feel important, to feel loved, and worthy.  They want to be cherished, adored, admired.  They just don’t know the right places to get it from.  Anyway, who really does?

I want them to know it doesn’t have to be a disaster.  This war on our souls and spirit has already been won.  We are HIS if we want to be and the miracle is victorious over every enemy we face…even when the enemy is our own self defeating thoughts and beliefs.  If only they could see how truly beautiful they are.

If you have a young woman in your life a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife…today she needs you to remind her how beautiful she is.  May you be home to her on this day.  May you be a place of peace, restoration, and inspiration to her and may your loving presence put a smile on her heart and on her face.  Her eyes and her smile are crying out for you to love her and to remind her that she is not a disaster.

May you be inspired and touched as I was today by this song.  May you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God made you just the way you are…perfect.  He made her that way too.

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