Who told you you’re awful?

Am I the only sucker out there for a good Veggie Tales bit?  Probably.  Nonetheless this poem brings tears to my eyes every time and I give you permission to pretend I am the only one.  But, just in case you are curious here it is.  Snoodlerella, a Veggie Tales twist on Cinderella, speaks of an girl who just wants to feel beautiful.  Come with me as she hears from her King as the clock strikes 12 and her outward “beauty” fades away
Again there she stood with glasses and braces,
uncontrollable hair and cumbersome graces.
So back to herself in that hall all alone
she sat down her cup and turned to go home.
“Excuse Me Young lady,” the voice asked.
 “If I might with permission of course have the last dance tonight.”
With me? She asked startled as she turned to the voice.
You must be mistaken; I’m an awful poor choice.
Who told you your awful?” He asked.
“How do you know?”
“Can’t you see for yourself,
the whole world tells me so.”
Then onto the dance floor walked the King as he said:
“Would you like to my child, hear what I think instead?”
 then the hall filled with music as the king took her hand.
She asked “your majesty, please, I don’t understand?”
“I think you’re beautiful,” the King said as he smiled.
“I treasure you deeply you’re lovely my child.
I think you’re beautiful your hair and your braces,
 your glasses and clothes your cumbersome graces.
And many more traits which I could speak of,
there’s nothing about you I don’t truly love.
You’re kind and you’re honest, funny and smart.
You’re really quite charming you have a good heart.”
“Your majesty,” she asked as a tear came in view.
“I’d like to believe you, is that really true?”
“Of course it is true, every word that I say.
Daughter I am the King. I made you that way.
I delight in your beauty, you’re wonderfully made.
I knew you before the foundation was laid.
You’re precious to me, every hair on your head,
daughter hear and believe.” The snoodle king said.

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