The Dawning of a New Day!

Today is a big day!  Today is the day I announce to the world “here I am, I am at your service!”  That truly is my goal in all of this.  First and foremost to serve God whole heartedly with His mission of love and second to serve His daughters.  May I tell you now…I am here for you.  Mothers I am here to help you love and understand your daughters.  Fathers I am here for you to make sense of the female ways that are so hard to understand.  Daughters…my sisters…I am here to help  you see yourself the way God sees you.  To help you truly begin to love yourself and see yourself as the magnificent beauty that you are.  Every inch of you!

So here I am world, here I am Lord!

When I was at the very end of writing the book I went to the Billy Graham Retreat Center “The Cove” in Asheville, North Carolina to put on all the finishing touches.  While overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains tears fell onto my computer as I prayed for you and I in this journey together.  May this be the dawning of a new day:

“Lord, my heart breaks with love for this daughter you have entrusted to me.  When I see her I see YOU and I am overwhelmed with joy and gladness.  When I am face to face with her sin and suffering I so badly want to take it from her.  I want to take it all away Lord but when I try I fail.  My Father you are bigger than this world and you are more powerful and mighty than every billboard and magazine.  You dwarf the power of the media with your presence.  You crush the stronghold of insecurity with your heel and Lord our daughters need you now.  We need you now!  We need you to show us how to love her the way that you do!  We need you to give us wisdom when we have none and we need you to give us discernment with our tongues.  Father God we submit our daughters, our parenting, our lives, our journey into your loving hands.  These days are few.  You have given us our daughters to be under our care for such a time as this.  Help us to savor each minute and not waste one second.  Lord please redeem what we have lost.  Please give back to us the ground we have lost with our daughters as a result of our own sin.  In Christ’s name we claim your power, your strength, and your wisdom into our lives and into our households.  We will seek you and We will find you.  Thank you God that we do not have to do this alone and that nothing is out of the reaches of your grasp.  Thank you Our Father for the gift that is our daughters.  We see her as beautiful and as precious as the day you laid her in our arms for the very first time.  We will see her that way until the very end of these days and We praise you infinitely for the joy of a love so great.  It is a love that is a small reflection of your love for us.  May you, the God of this universe, who loves so greatly it cannot be described, bring our families, our daughters into healing.  Lord may this next season in life be one of growth.  May we become new again and may you receive ALL the glory.  In your precious, most Holy name.  Amen.” 

One thought on “The Dawning of a New Day!

  1. maria!
    wow! so exciting! and shame on me for not knowing you wrote a book! wow!! so excited for you. next time you go to the cove, let me know. my parents work there and i’m sure they’d love to meet you. maybe you met them? wayne & gwen mahaffey.
    wow! you’re an inspiration friend.

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