Hello world!

Here I am!  Pumped up and ready to go with the message God has laid so heavily on my heart.  Whether it be through authoring a book, meeting with teens, families, and moms, or entering in my daily thoughts onto these pages my prayer is that I can come alongside you and help you to know that you have True Worth  through God who created you.  This world can be so nasty and it convinced me as a young girl that I had a lot of improving to do in order to be worth anything.  That is simply not the truth.

What I have to offer you is me.  Simply the me that God created me to be.  I can love you and share with you where life has taken me, where I have seen life take others, and the hope that can be found in a life that trusts the One True God.  So…here goes nothing!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Maria Darling, I know you are ready to offer yourself to the world and I hope the world is ready for you! I know how much you have to offer and how truly sincere you are and most amazingly, how much you trust in God, your Heavenly Father. God be with you as you take this first step on your next venture in life. Our hearts are bursting with pride and love for you. Gram and Gramps

  2. Absolutely beautiful Maria, I wish you much luck, you make our family very proud…God Bless…Love, Cousin Nancy White-Christopher

  3. Maria, I am a friend of Gram’s and can tell you that this book is meant for all daughters, no matter what age. Bravo, for your heart, determination and strength. Debbie

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